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Where We Stand
Our Non-Denominational Stance
Our Cooperative Position and
Stance with Others of Like Faith...

In The Doctrinal Essentials... We find our Unity
In The Non-Essentials... We allow Freedom, and show the Spirit of Unity
In All Matters... We show the Love of Christ,
& Spirit of Unity


GREATER GRACE FELLOWSHIP, Inc is a para-church ministry, proclaiming the Gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ.

The Good News being the fact that, God so loved man (His creation) so much, knowing man's rejection of Him, condemnation, and failure to live up to His standard, that He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to earth, having left Heaven's glory with the Father, to take upon Himself, man's sin and the penalty for sin.

Man does not need too, nor is it God's desire that man should end up condemned to Hell, which is eternal separation from God prepared for satan and huis angels.

The further Good News being that through this sacrifice for sin, He has offerred by Grace to all mankind Salvation, and earthly and heavenly fellowship and an eternal home. And you know what he did to seal the deal...? He rose from the grave to be our advocate before the father... that we are HIS!

Anyone who will appropriate, trust, ask, and accept Jesus Christ as their own personal Saviour, He says, "He will in no wise cast out" Yes,... you can KNOW... right NOW, your eternal destiny.

If you need help in understanding this, or wish someone from our ministry to lead you to new life in Christ.... all you have to do is call...and state your desire!

We are Redeemed by His Love...
We are Bought with a Price...
It Cost... His shed blood!

Someday you will have to answer...
as did Pontius Pilate...

"What are you going to do with this man, the Christ?"

Do it TODAY.... and show Him your Love!
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